Thursday, January 22, 2009

Tamilnet publishes Prabakaran's Fake Photos

On November 01, 2008, Tamilnet published an article titled “LTTE leader decorates Tiger airmen, heroes of Vavuniyaa mission”. Following is the corresponding URL :
We claim this is a fabricated story to please Tamil Diaspora who supports LTTE’s terrorist struggle led by the world famous killer Prabhakaran. At this moment, LTTE terrorists are facing heavy defeat at the face of security forces’ offensives. They continue to lose their de-facto territory day by day. Seeing these heavy losses, if the Tamil Diaspora who supports LTTE terrorism gets disappointed and stop funding, LTTE will face the worst nightmare in their history. In such a situation, it is inevitable that they will do any trick to keep the Diaspora attached to them. The fabricated article above was one of such tricks showing fake photos of Prabha awarding LTTE airmen. Not only trying to mislead the international community, but also LTTE has now started to cheat their own diaspora by various means.

Knowing that their fabrication got exposed, tamilnet would have already removed the article by the time you read this. But don’t worry, we have the original web page saved.

The Points to be highlighted to prove the above claim are given below.
First look at the photos which depict Prabha awarding Tiger airmen. Following are the names of the files (download from tamilnet).
  • 31_10_08_ltte_03.jpg
  • 31_10_08_ltte_04.jpg
  • 31_10_08_ltte_05.jpg
  • 31_10_08_ltte_06.jpg
  1. Look at the face of Prabha in each photo. Don’t you see anything strange? Exactly the same details of Prabha’s face are visible in all 4 photos. How can you keep standing in the same position, same location 4 times while awarding 4 different people without letting photographs to capture at least a little more details or lose some details of your face. Is it humanly possible? It seems someone has used an old photo (a single photo) of Prabha and pasted it with each of the 4 people being awarded, to pretend that Prabha participated in the award ceremony. I have captured his face from each of the above photos and shown above.
  2. Don’t you see photos numbered 3 and 6 are exactly the same, except for brightness and zooming differences?
  3. Don’t you see any similarity in background patterns with respect to the face in 3rd and 6th photos?
  4. Don’t you see photos numbered 4 and 5 are exactly the same, except for brightness and zooming differences?
  5. Don’t you see any similarity in background patterns with respect to the face in 3rd and 6th photos?
  6. What is the only difference you see in 3rd & 6th photos with respect to 4th and 5th photos? It seems the same photo has been used for all 4 pictures, but 4th and 5th are rotated clockwise intentionally to mislead the viewer to show them as different photos.
  7. Regards facial details captured in each photo, don’t you see all of them carry the same details. Does this mean Prabha has not moved his face even by a quarter of an inch during award for all 4 people? How can Prabha reposition himself to match the exact background pattern with respect to his face? This is possible only if either of following cases; a). Instead of real Prabhakaran, you keep a statue of Prabha and everyone comes to it and poses the picture pretending he obtains an award from real Prabha. or b). You take an old photo of Prabha and paste it in front of each airman’s photo (I think this is what has been done in this fake fabrication). This can easily be done by using even a primitive editor like MS Paint. You don’t need high end photo editors to do it.
  8. The person who did this has attempted to show them real by trying out different zooming levels in each photo
  9. Earlier in tamilnet we saw Prabha paying homage to fallen black tigers in Vavunia attack. But that was inside a concrete building with tiled floors. Everyone believed it to be an underground facility. But the photo named “31_10_08_ltte_02.jpg” shown in the above web page shows all LTTE leaders including Prabha paying homage to the same fallen black tigers in a temporary hut, which is covered by roof of galvanized sheets. Does this mean Prabha conducted such homage to the same team of black tigers twice in the past one and half months? During a period where SLAF makes frequent bombardments targeting every LTTE asset and its leadership, do you think Prabah will come out with all these so called “Tiger Commanders and officials” and attend a ceremony in an unsecured location covered only by galvanized roofing sheets? Funnily this is to pay homage to the same team of black tigers for the second time in a short period. There is no doubt this is very old photo.
  10. All these facts show that LTTE is in a desperate attempt to show that Prabhakaran is still active and he gives them necessary leadership. If he is truly active and gives them the leadership, it is a pretty simple task to get some real photos and publish them. That is not rocket science. But why don’t they do that and revert to publish fake photos instead?
  1. Why do LTTE show fake photos? Why do they modify old photos and pretend they are recent?
  2. Without being able to face the defeat, has Prabhakaran already fled the country leaving his loving tamil people behind? Is it a true leader’s quality?
  3. Is Prabhakaran dead or in a critically ill state where he cannot even stand up on his feet for an award ceremony?
  4. Why is LTTE so desperate to please Tamil Diaspora even with fake articles? Doesn’t it show that they admit they are a sinking ship and desperate to get some help from anyone?

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Answers to New York Times Columnist Who Tried to Salvage Tamil Terrorsts and Put the Blame on Sri Lankan Government

These are my comments about the New York Times article by Somini Sengupta on December 06, 2008 at following web page.

In a nut shell, the article is nothing but more of a hidden task to damage SL governmemt’s and Mr. Gotabaya Rajapaksha’s image. Here are some strong evidences. If the writer wanted to be impartial, she could have given the true facts (given below) and provide readers a true picture. Instead she has taken a more biased path towards LTTE Tamil Terrorists.

Article Says Following : “Having fled as many as seven times over the last year, according to aid workers, some of the displaced are huddling in lean-tos in perilous, open paddy fields and, when they can, taking shelter from shelling in rebel-built bunkers.”
………… His office vets the movement of all humanitarian aid agencies. In September, he ordered them all to leave rebel-controlled areas in the northeast.

Aid Groups and Humanitarian Agencies: They are NOT aid workers or humanitarian agencies. They are terrorist supporters in the guise of aid workers. For example, The Norwegian Aid Company gave 38 vehicles, satellite telecom sets and other equipment to LTTE Tamil Terrorists. They are ONLY the recent figures (during 2008). Corresponding figures for what they did before that are not known yet. Some of such companies (again in the guise of aid workers) took thousands of cement bags for LTTE to construct underground bunkers. They told the government that such building materials are to construct houses for civilians. Another aid group granted LTTE with heavy vehicles and equipment, which are even currently used by the terrorists construct strong under-ground bunkers and huge earth bunds. These were smuggled to LTTE controlled areas in the guise of humanitarian aid. According to the definition of these agencies, providing terrorists with what they want to carry out the terrorist acts, is called “Humanitarian Supplies”. They even advertised vacancies for various positions for their organizations in LTTE terrorists’ news papers ( Everything was revealed one by one only when the SL army started to capture terrorists’ held areas. As an example, rather than building houses for civilians, not even a single toilet had been built in Mallavi, which was called a “Mini-Geneva” because of high concentration of NGOs. Then these agencies could do nothing but to admit they did not build houses for civilians. Almost all NGOs do the same, may be because they will lose their jobs if the conflict is resolved (I don’t know). Also LTTE front organizations that raise funds for mono-ethnic homeland terrorist struggle use such aid groups to tunnel what they have collected for terrorists. It is very clear for any ordinary person to understand who these organizations are and what they are trying to do. But for Somini Senguptha who wrote the above article in NY Time, they are aid groups and humanitarian agencies.

Huddling in lean-tos in perilous: When SL forces capture LTTE held territory town by town, village by village, who takes the civilians forcefully deep into LTTE held territory making them vulnerable to attacks? Who doesn’t allow civilians to come to government areas? Who doesn't allow civilians to move freely? Who kills civilians who try to escape from terror clutches and come to government areas? Who forcefully conscript such innocent civilians and their underage children for the futile struggle? It is none other than so called “Tamils’ sole representative – LTTE”. What are the evidences to prove this claim? That is none other than the same Tamil civilians who however have been fortunate enough to escape and come to government controlled areas after a death-threatening struggle. Also see the story of LTTE cadre captured by SL Army here :
See following for more details.
How come the writer of the NY Times column forgot all these true facts, and try to make the true picture up side down?

Article Says: Privately, Mr. Rajapaksa’s friends and associates say that his resolve is deeply personal: The Tamil Tigers tried to kill him two years ago.

Who are these associates? Why the writer doesn’t disclose who they are? What is the credibility that these associates know exactly how Mr. Gotabaya Rajapaksa thinks? How do they know this is “a” reason, or this is the “only” reason why he fights against LTTE terrorists? Didn’t these associates and the writer know that it was the same Gotabaya Rajapaksha who was dead against LTTE terrorists even before the terrorists tried to kill him? Didn’t theses associates and the writer know that it was the same Gotabaya Rajapaksa who fought with the same group of terrorists as a SL Army colonel some time ago? In fact, he received medal of honors from 3 consecutive presidents for his military achievements against LTTE in the past. Most importantly, all these presidents are of the opposition party to what Mr. Rajapaksha's family represented. This proves that he has to be a remarkably great military leader against LTTE tamil terrorists to receive awards from rival prasidents. All these happened decades before LTTE attempted to kill Gotabaya Rajapaksha. How come the NY Times columnist ignored all these facts and points out he is against LTTE because LTTE tried to kill him. I think the above statement in the article is nothing but an attempt to damage the respected image of Mr. Rajapaksha. The writer has lost her credibility in trying with baseless personal attacks.

The Article Says: This month, the army announced the capture of a strategic crossing, about 19 miles north of here, called Pooneryn, which connects the island to Jaffna peninsula to the north and robs the guerrillas of a crucial smuggling corridor. But no one knows for sure, since Mr. Rajapaksa does not allow journalists, aid workers or other independent monitors into the conflict area.

Again the only objective is to fire a baseless attack on Mr. Rajapaksha. The Defense Ministry has published photos and videos of liberated Poonaryn town with the current day SL army heroes. One of the videos showed how the commander of 58th Army Division, Brigadier Shavindra De Silva was celebrating the victory with his mates in front of LTTE monument in Poonaryn junction. All these were available in the Defense Ministy website for anyone who has internet connection. It is very clear what the hidden agenda of the writer. The writer seems to be very disappointed for Mr. Rajapaksha’s decision to remove terrorist agents (who were in the guise of aid workers) from the north, which made LTTE helpless. She desperately tries to attack this decision number of times in her article rather than pointing why Mr. Rajapaksha “had” to make the decision.

The Article says: While Mr. Rajapaksa makes no apologies for his hard-line approach

Why should he apologize for his hard-line approach, especially when all the soft approaches taken by all previous governments achieved nothing but further strengthening LTTE terrorists? He and the majority of Sri Lankans now believe in the hard-line approach when dealing with such a ruthless terrorist group. And that approach has already proven with great results with respect to war against terrorism in SL. Does anyone suggest a soft approach with a ruthless terrorist group? Does anyone suggest a soft approach with Al-Quida?

The Article Says: Perhaps the military’s biggest obstacle is the civilians still holed up in rebel territory, alongside the rebels. Artillery fire and aerial attacks would inevitably yield heavy civilian casualties, something the government has repeatedly said it wants to avoid.

It would have given a more accurate picture to the reader if the Article said the LTTE terrorists forcefully keep the civilians inside their territory, despite number of government appeals asking them come and settle in liberated areas. Even the Jaffna Catholic Bishop Rev Thomas Savundaranayagam in December 2008 asked India to pressurize LTTE to release civilians from being forcefully kept in their territory.

The writer is careful enough not to disclose the fact that Mr. Rajapaksha was a former Sri Lankan army colonel who fought fierce battles with LTTE terrorists and earned presidential medals for his achievements. Instead, she repeated her mud-slinging comments saying he was a Unix administrator, making the reader to think that Sri Lanka has picked a Unix administrator for the position of Defense Secretary.

The writer has not said or not seen anything wrong with LTTE terrorists. If there is any blame in the article, it is against the government only. How can this be a good un-biased article?

The last few chapters of the article carry exactly the same lamentation of Indian Tamil Nadu politicians who are in a desperate attempt to salvage LTTE terrorists by throwing a life-line of a cease fire agreement. Similar vicious act was orchestrated by India about 20 years ago when LTTE was in a similar situation. This move later caused LTTE to assassinate the same Indian prime minister (Rajiv Gandhi) who threw the life-line to the LTTE. In addition, it made Sri Lanka and its people (the main victim of the war) to suffer for 20 more years. If India keeps on pressurizing SL to go for a cease fire agreement with this deadly Tamil terrorist group again, it is time for SL to ask India to show a good example by signing a similar agreement with the terrorists who were behind the Mumbai attack.

Finally remember that LTTE is a Tamil Terrorist group banned in 26 countries int the world including USA, UK, Canada, India and European Union. If you want to know more about them, visit USA's FBI web site here :

Also it is timely required to take necessary steps to prevent such biased columnists from writing extremely biased articles towards terrorists, which will ultimately tarnish the good will and reputation of leading media institutions such as New York Times.

Friday, January 9, 2009

MavuBima Sri Lanka

This Blog is created for news related to Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is a beautiful island in the Indian Ocean. Because of the shape, it is called the pearl in Indian Ocean.

Unfortunately, one of the most ruthless terrorist groups in the world called LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam) has ruined the country for the last two and half decades. However, with the right political vision and right military leadership, the terrorist group is currently being successfully defeated by the Sri Lankan security forces. If you want more details about the LTTE terrorist group, you can refer USA's FBI official web site here at

LTTE terrorist group has been fighting for a mono ethnic Tamil state to be carved out from the unitary Sri Lanka. Sinhala is the majority ethnic group in Sri Lanka, which consists of 76% of the population. The Tamils accounts for 12% of the total population. Sri Lanka may be the only country in the world where the majority (Sinhala) people is ethnically cleansed by the minority (Tamils) in northern parts of the country, where the above Tamil terrorist group is dominant. But in southern parts, where the majority is Sinhalese, all Tamils and other ethnic groups live in peace and harmony. As a matter of fact, more than 50% of the businesses in capital Colombo are owned by the minority Tamils. The majority Sinhalese do not find anything wrong with that. However, such level of privilege is not enough for the racist Tamil terrorist group. They want a mono ethnic Tamil country carved out from Sri Lanka. That is why they carried out a complete genocide and an ethnic cleansing of Sinhalese in northern parts of Sri Lanka.

In order to achieve their brutal goal, they have made a series of criminal acts, including killing of key figures such as Indian prime minister Rajiv Gandhi, Sri Lankan president Ranasinghe Premadasa, former foreign minister (and also former president of Oxford University students council) Lakshman Kadiragarmer, number of Sri Lankan ministers and whoever who opposed their terrorist acts, be it a Sinhalese or a Tamil. Also they have not been hesitant even for a moment to conduct mass scale massacres such as massacre of 400+ innocent Buddhist monks and grand scale massacres of people in rural poor villages. Bombing and blasting buses and trains carrying innocent civilians has been a part of their usual day-to-day life. They conducted covert acts to provoke majority Sinhalese against innocent Tamils. They attacked Sri Maha Bodhiya and bombed Temple of Tooth, both are considered Sinhala Buddhists' top sacred religious temples. But by nature, the majority Sinhalese were wise enough to understand the terrorist group's hidden agenda and did not take any form of a violent action. In addition LTTE tried hard to claim themselves the sole representatives of Tamils, not by winning the hart of Tamils, but by eliminating other Tamil groups who had different views. Some of the Tamil groups have been fortunate enough to survive under the government's security.

Thanks to the present Sri Lankan government and the security forces, this ruthless terrorist group is presently getting cornered to a small area of thick jungles. Stiff military actions have made them loose 95% of the de-facto state they had maintained earlier. Also special thanks go to all the countries (in fact 26 countries) who identified and banned LTTE as a terrorist outfit. These countries include USA, UK, India, Canada and the European union.

It is all patriotic citizens' responsibility to strengthen the Sri Lankan government and the security forces to completely eradicate the terrorism from Sri Lanka and make all ethnic groups to live in peace and harmony again. We hope we can achieve this very soon.