Thursday, January 22, 2009

Tamilnet publishes Prabakaran's Fake Photos

On November 01, 2008, Tamilnet published an article titled “LTTE leader decorates Tiger airmen, heroes of Vavuniyaa mission”. Following is the corresponding URL :
We claim this is a fabricated story to please Tamil Diaspora who supports LTTE’s terrorist struggle led by the world famous killer Prabhakaran. At this moment, LTTE terrorists are facing heavy defeat at the face of security forces’ offensives. They continue to lose their de-facto territory day by day. Seeing these heavy losses, if the Tamil Diaspora who supports LTTE terrorism gets disappointed and stop funding, LTTE will face the worst nightmare in their history. In such a situation, it is inevitable that they will do any trick to keep the Diaspora attached to them. The fabricated article above was one of such tricks showing fake photos of Prabha awarding LTTE airmen. Not only trying to mislead the international community, but also LTTE has now started to cheat their own diaspora by various means.

Knowing that their fabrication got exposed, tamilnet would have already removed the article by the time you read this. But don’t worry, we have the original web page saved.

The Points to be highlighted to prove the above claim are given below.
First look at the photos which depict Prabha awarding Tiger airmen. Following are the names of the files (download from tamilnet).
  • 31_10_08_ltte_03.jpg
  • 31_10_08_ltte_04.jpg
  • 31_10_08_ltte_05.jpg
  • 31_10_08_ltte_06.jpg
  1. Look at the face of Prabha in each photo. Don’t you see anything strange? Exactly the same details of Prabha’s face are visible in all 4 photos. How can you keep standing in the same position, same location 4 times while awarding 4 different people without letting photographs to capture at least a little more details or lose some details of your face. Is it humanly possible? It seems someone has used an old photo (a single photo) of Prabha and pasted it with each of the 4 people being awarded, to pretend that Prabha participated in the award ceremony. I have captured his face from each of the above photos and shown above.
  2. Don’t you see photos numbered 3 and 6 are exactly the same, except for brightness and zooming differences?
  3. Don’t you see any similarity in background patterns with respect to the face in 3rd and 6th photos?
  4. Don’t you see photos numbered 4 and 5 are exactly the same, except for brightness and zooming differences?
  5. Don’t you see any similarity in background patterns with respect to the face in 3rd and 6th photos?
  6. What is the only difference you see in 3rd & 6th photos with respect to 4th and 5th photos? It seems the same photo has been used for all 4 pictures, but 4th and 5th are rotated clockwise intentionally to mislead the viewer to show them as different photos.
  7. Regards facial details captured in each photo, don’t you see all of them carry the same details. Does this mean Prabha has not moved his face even by a quarter of an inch during award for all 4 people? How can Prabha reposition himself to match the exact background pattern with respect to his face? This is possible only if either of following cases; a). Instead of real Prabhakaran, you keep a statue of Prabha and everyone comes to it and poses the picture pretending he obtains an award from real Prabha. or b). You take an old photo of Prabha and paste it in front of each airman’s photo (I think this is what has been done in this fake fabrication). This can easily be done by using even a primitive editor like MS Paint. You don’t need high end photo editors to do it.
  8. The person who did this has attempted to show them real by trying out different zooming levels in each photo
  9. Earlier in tamilnet we saw Prabha paying homage to fallen black tigers in Vavunia attack. But that was inside a concrete building with tiled floors. Everyone believed it to be an underground facility. But the photo named “31_10_08_ltte_02.jpg” shown in the above web page shows all LTTE leaders including Prabha paying homage to the same fallen black tigers in a temporary hut, which is covered by roof of galvanized sheets. Does this mean Prabha conducted such homage to the same team of black tigers twice in the past one and half months? During a period where SLAF makes frequent bombardments targeting every LTTE asset and its leadership, do you think Prabah will come out with all these so called “Tiger Commanders and officials” and attend a ceremony in an unsecured location covered only by galvanized roofing sheets? Funnily this is to pay homage to the same team of black tigers for the second time in a short period. There is no doubt this is very old photo.
  10. All these facts show that LTTE is in a desperate attempt to show that Prabhakaran is still active and he gives them necessary leadership. If he is truly active and gives them the leadership, it is a pretty simple task to get some real photos and publish them. That is not rocket science. But why don’t they do that and revert to publish fake photos instead?
  1. Why do LTTE show fake photos? Why do they modify old photos and pretend they are recent?
  2. Without being able to face the defeat, has Prabhakaran already fled the country leaving his loving tamil people behind? Is it a true leader’s quality?
  3. Is Prabhakaran dead or in a critically ill state where he cannot even stand up on his feet for an award ceremony?
  4. Why is LTTE so desperate to please Tamil Diaspora even with fake articles? Doesn’t it show that they admit they are a sinking ship and desperate to get some help from anyone?

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